No Saints

We suffer not because we can but because we must. It is a deep internal schism that ultimately consumes our existence.

We seek happiness yet we are unable to achieve a prolonged sense of this endorphin induced ecstasy because the very fiber of our being rejects this notion. We know that in order to achieve bliss one must be wholly ignorant. And though, at times we desire the comforts of simplicity, our nature prevents us from adopting the idiosyncrasies’ of the mean.

Cynicism is at the core of who we are. Intelligence has made us cruel, calculating, and unforgiving. In truth, we judge everyone around us. No one is ever truly our friend. Sure, we assign that title to those whom we see fit, yet the moment that we do we begin to contemplate their eventual betrayal.

We understand the world for what it really is. Feigning ignorance is our only respite against the evils of this world, yet that too is ephemeral. At the end of the day, we are tortured souls, not because we are victimized by others, but rather, because we were blessed – predisposed, if you will – with understanding that none of us are victims. Each one of us has evil in their heart; the ability to act without remorse, the capacity to hurt without second thought.

Oh what a blessing it is to understand that there are no saints – everyone is a sinner.

The End

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