No, Means No

My first flash fiction, She doesn't want any part of what he is. "Please darling," "No." She knows what he wants. But she won't give in. With alluring eyes and curiosity, will she give in to him?

“My dear, please allow me.” He was on his knees, looking like he was proposing, but no beautiful, sparkling; diamond ring was in his hand. His voice was sultry and enticing; I didn’t want him to do so, but then I wanted to because he sounded so calming and reassuring. I shook my head again at him, “No.” he pleaded to me again with a desperate sound added into his voice. Again, I answered the same, “No.” He stood up and looked into my hazel eyes, his icy blue eyes were begging for me to reconsider. I looked back and my eyes answered for me and he knew what it was, “No.” In that moment, he wrapped his left arm around me tightly, almost protective but forceful at the same time. I gasped and asked him what he was doing. No response came from him. He inclined his neck and head down to my level and gave me a soft peck with his rose petal soft, pink lips. In that instant I somewhat relaxed, but my fear was slowly escalating. I knew what he wanted to do, but I did not allow him to do so. I tried to push him away, unwrap myself from his tight grip, but he didn’t budge. Not one bit did he move from where he stood. “Darling, calm down. It’ll be alright.” He spoke gently and kissed me again. But he didn’t stop this time. He kissed down my chin and down to my neck. My heart was pounding faster now, and I knew he would enjoy that. I felt him kiss on a soft part of my neck. I breathed in deeply, for I knew what was going to happen next; his long white fangs will extract and pierce my pale neck.

The End

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