No. 76530

The light bulb was hot, but it didn't shock her. The warm made her feel tingly and slightly happy. Cherry stood on her toes and stretched as high as she could and tugged at the string the light hung from. She didn't know why she wanted to do it so badly. An unexplainable urge. 

Boredom can do strange things. Cherry yanked and pulled, eventually the light went out from the loss of connection. A small electric shock hit her, jolting her arm, causing the muscles in her hands to twitch uncontrollably. 

Cherry just stared at her hand. It had changed color. Strange. She willed it back to normal, and it changed back to normal. Her eyebrows furrowed together. Cherry concentrated on a specific spot on her arm and thought of the color blue. 

It changed blue. She poked the shaded spot. It looked like a dark bruise, but didn't hurt when she touched it. Still felt like normal skin too. 

"Huh," she whispered, hopping off her bed and sat down on it, staring at the ceiling once again.  


The rest of the night, Cherry practiced changing her color. She attempted to make her clothes change color, but only her skin would. She wondered if she had this power all along, or if the electricity had something to do with it. 

I'll ask Rose and Columbine if they know anything. 

Phillip came back in what felt like morning. He opened her cell and woke her up. He apologized that subjects weren't aloud reading material, and continued to ask questions about her dreams, thoughts, everything that she did and why the light bulb didn't work. 

"Well," Cherry pursed her lips and looked up at the broken light, "I got bored and decided I wanted to live in darkness, just like my existence. Brings a brooding feeling to the room, you know?" Phillip clicked his pen and wrote something down on his papers, unamused. 

Cherry stood, trying to peek at his notes. He hid them behind his back and led her out of the cell to the 'social interactions'. 

She didn't know if she was giving, or had given, the scientists any leverage, because she didn't know herself quite yet. Probably a leading reason why I haven't been 'paired' with another person yet. The scientists apparently want me physically ready and mentally ready. Why? Is relations really that difficult? Of course, Rose hates thinking about her times with others, so perhaps it's scary enough to be scarring like that. 

The End

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