No. 76530

Cherry didn't like the way other older men from other colors stared at her. It made her uncomfortable and almost clingy to Rose during the 'social interactions'. 

When Cherry was alone, she would think about the colors. None of the people really seemed to have anything physically common in any of the colors. Everyone looked different, but wore the same clothes. At least the guards leave me alone for the time being. She had heard of "incidents" where the guards would beat the test subjects or worse for their own amusement. 'Course, the scientists don't care all that much. Though, she thought, I think I'm getting that one young scientist man to open up.

The circles under his eyes seemed to grow darker and larger every time he visited her. He was the first scientist here that she had met. Slowly, she had gained his name. And hopefully some of his trust.


"Alrighty, No. 76530," he grumbled as he tugged the door open. Cherry stood, knowing from the needle in his hands that he was taking blood again.

"I prefer Cherry," she shrugged one shoulder and stuck her arm out. Phillip rolled his eyes and pushed the needle into her arm. 

"Why do you take my blood? I mean, it's mine, why can't I keep it?" Phillip looked up at her from under his spectacles. 

"Tests," he replied simply. Cherry thought for a moment.


"What are you, a child that never stops asking questions?" Cherry was getting a little light headed as she whispered, "Well, what's wrong with being curious." Phillip pulled the needle out and wrapped up her arm. 

"You know, as they say," Phillip folded his arms as he looked at her confused face, "You don't do you?" He sighed and continued, "Ignorance is bliss."

That's a bunch of frog poo, who came up with that?

"Well, could you at least bring a book or something?" Cherry sat back down on the bed. Phillip shook his head, "I'll see what I can do, but no promises that they might make the excuse of 'personal harm by book'." Cherry smiled as he closed the door behind him. 

Tests, tests, tests. What are they testing that's so important to ruin to many lives?

Cherry stared at her arms and legs. The tattoo is a piece of her identity. She fiddled with her hands, making strange shadows on the walls. 

Her brain felt so itchy. It need something to do. Anything. Cherry stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, thinking of ideas she could do while alone. A spot was created in her vision from the light bulb on the ceiling. 

Light bulb. 

Cherry stood on her bed and reached for it. 

The End

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