No. 76530

She mostly talked to herself while she was alone or sang songs to be calm and keep distracted. A scientist would occasionally come and bring her elsewhere for tests or questions on how she felt, what she thought about, etc. She was there long enough for her hair to start growing longer, but every time it would reach past her ears, it would get cut again. 

"No. 76530, it's time for some social interactions," The scientist standing before her was a wrinkly old man with hair like clouds. What are clouds? She mused as he guided her down the hallway. By the time they reached their destination, other test subjects in various colors of clothing where with her. Seemed like everyone from all different walks of life were gathered in a single rainbow. She couldn't find anyone else with white clothes though, like her. 

The cafeteria-like room is where they put everyone in color coordinated chairs. She found where the white clothes people sat. There wasn't even 15 of them, most of them looking over 30. A woman with black hair, light eyes and wide hips came up to her and hugged her tightly, as if she were a prodigal child. 

Feeling awkward, she held her arms stiff at her sides and her back straight. 

"Welcome to the family," she said bubbly, "You can call me Rose!" The number tattoo on Rose's leg read 4583. Rose led her through to the others and introduced them. All of them seemed mutually indifferent to her and had different flower names. 

"So, you must have been here a while for a smaller number like that," she commented after Rose sat down to decide her new name. Rose shrugged at the thought and replied casually, "I don't know how long I've been here, but I know I have had seven children since coming here, so I guess you're right!" She sat there for a few more moments, then quickly turned to her, "Your new name will be Cherry Blossom! But Cherry for short."

Cherry Blossom. I guess I could get used to it. 

A man named Columbine sat next to her and whispered in her ear, "You know what they mean by 'social interactions', yes?" His Russian accent was heavy and almost not understandable. Cherry looked at him, confused. Rose shushed him and smacked his arm lightly, but he continued.

"It's a breeding program. They study you're social habits and what you are attracted to," he paused for a breath but Rose cut in.

"She doesn't have to worry about that, you can tell she isn't mentally ready for anything of the sort," Rose turned Cherry's face towards her, "You must be careful and don't let them get any leverage on you like they did me," her whole body began to shake almost uncontrollably from the memories. Columbine rested a hand on Rose's shoulder. 

"They'll mostly pair you, when they think you're ready of course, with men from other colors."

Cherry folded her hands in her lap, accepting her future, and twiddled her thumbs as she thought out loud, "What do the colors mean?" And is there any way to fight the system?

The End

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