No. 76530

Jill leaned against the wall opposite from the door. You learn to shut out the screams. Sometimes the squeaky wheels would roll past, sometimes stop but then move on. She knew sooner or later the wheels would come for her and she would scream, just like the others. 

Her door swung open. The bright light blinding her. Arms reached out to her, grabbing her and placing her on a table. Wires and tubes were strung about. White faces stared down at her, speaking unfamiliar words. 

They placed the tubes all over her body, hooking her up to what ever machine they brought with them. She resigned herself to the coming pain. She had heard the screams long enough. She went into her mind and closed the doors to the parts of her self she needed. Dignity didn't matter anymore. 

The pain came constantly. Time ceased and she could no longer remember her name. All that existed was the white agony. 

They placed her limp body back on the ground in the corner, her screams still echoing in the cell. Her leg burned as if on fire.

On her right thigh were the numbers: 76530

The End

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