No. 76530

James was picked soon after. His face turned hard and resolute as they left the school forever. Some tried to fight it, but none prevailed. 

They were all piled into a semi-truck. It was dark, and putrid. Closely holding Lissie to herself, Jill stood against a side; there was no room to sit. 

"I never realized how many people were taken every year," Lissie whispered, on the point of hysteria. Jill brushed her hand through Lissie's hair, trying to calm her.

"Just remember that the Lord will keep us." Lissie's shoulders ceased to shake as the words slowly comforted her. Jill didn't dare let it show on her face how frightened she really was. She needed to be a calm eye in the maelstrom of despair. 

Every now and then, the truck would stop, and more people would come in. Soon they were beyond full capacity. Then the long hours of standing, sweating, and praying began and never seemed to end. 

Jill's eyes burned as she shuffled out into the sun along with the others. Holding tight to Lissie and James, determined not to be separated, the lines began. A huge gray building towered over them. It was made entirely from cement, with an even larger wall surrounding the whole area. These men in reinforced black garb shoved at all who passed, trying to break them up off each other. One of the men seized Jill by her forearm, twisting it hard. She tried her best to pushed Lissie ahead of them so she wouldn't get hurt. The man groped her as she wiggled her best out of his grasp. Kneeing him in the gut, he let go. 

"You slut!" he yelled, bent in half. Jill craned her neck to see Lissie enter the building under the arm of James. He snatched her hair and lifted her off the ground. Crying out in pain, she held onto his arm, trying to lessen the weight of her off her head. He took her glasses and smashed them on the ground.

"Corporal," A deep voice boomed behind them. The man, releasing Jill, saluted the tall, burly dark skinned man. 

"Captain Uncle, sir. I can explain," The captain sneered. 

"You must not ruin the prodigies, corporal. They must remain unspoiled." Wiping blood from her chin, Jill stood as proud as she could and spat on the captain's boots.

"You make me sick," She didn't know where all this courage had come from. Either courage, idiocy or insanity. 

At school she was a timid girl, not really looking in the eyes of anyone except who she knew. Now, she was looking into the cold eyes of a man that could very well break her in half like a toothpick. His face showed no emotion or reaction. Breaking eye contact at the last moment, she turned and walked away. 

Her heart pounded in her chest, throat and head. She allowed herself to be one with the crowd, flowing and mindless. Next she knew, Jill was handed matching grey shirt and shorts. Looking around, she saw that they were expected to just undress then and there. Desperately trying not to think about the eyes watching her, she undid her buttoned shirt. 

Each individual was then shoved into a small four by four cell with a metal door. The door had one window on it, nearer to the ceiling, the window being the only light. Nothing to sit on or sleep on, you could only sit on the hard floor against the wall. Wails and screams echoed through out the halls, ever getting closer.

Jill didn't know how long she waited for those screams to be beside her. Could have been days, hours, weeks.

The screaming never stopped. 

The End

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