One year before EpochMature

Test write for character Niamh from Collab #1 with colm, shyah and max.

Niamh McKnight sat in Riverpark as the cool Autumn day dwindled into a cold Irish night. She was perched on a ledge below the monument, the obelisk casting shadows that folded down over her. 

Stars emerged as night pressed in. Niamh watched them curiously.

Long, golden coils of hair glimmered in the moonlight. 

She took a swig from a unlabelled green bottle. Her braced teeth (usually disguised by a firm pout) nibbled at the loose skin around her thumbnail. Bloodshot eyes blinked, she exhaled slowly.

"Look at who it is lads and ladies, Miss Bitch bite McKnight." From the dark shrouds of trees emerged a young, hard looking boy, followed by an amalgamation of boys and girls his age. "Sitting here, drinking all by herself, shall we join her?"

Niamh said nothing, she just raised the bottle to her mouth and drunk some more.

The boy sat by her. Close. 

"Who hasn't met Niamh before?" Only a few of the party raised their hand. "Really? You haven't? Well you really must. You see, Niamh here, well she wants to be a model, don't you love?" The boy grasped the back of her head and shook it violently. Puppeteered, she nodded.

"Leave me alone, Jason." 

"Oh, don't be like that, girl, you know I love you." He nodded her head again, harder, "yes, jason," he mimicked her voice as a high pitch squeal, "of course I do."

The surrounding teens laughed and jeered. A few towards the back watched more quietly, hesitantly.

"Then why oh why did you bite me last week, Niamh?" The laughing stopped, "why the FUCK did you bite me last week when I kissed you, eh?" He pushed her head hard away from him and she fell to the floor, green glass breaking in her palm, her golden locks tumbling around her. He pointed at his lip, "that, is going to scar, you bitch."

Now in the light, she could see, a jagged scab of teeth marks set into his cheek.

"Whats say we try again, eh? To make up for last time?" His hands clasped around the lapels of her leather jacket and he lifted her up, pinning her against the monument. "Now what do we do before we go around kissing people we like, eh? That's right, we want to have fresh breath. Chewing gum."

Jason took a packet of chewing gum from his tattered jeans and shared the gum out amongst his friends. 

"This one's for you. Open up, I don't know where you've been." He pressed the tablet of gum past her teeth and into her mouth. "Come here, beautiful." He forced his mouth against hers, violently penetrating her mouth with his long slimy tongue. He rubbed himself hard up against her, his hands holding her wrists against the stone. She barely even struggled.

"There that wasn't so bad, was it?" Jason laughed, as did his friends. 

"You're a prick." Niamh said and spat a mass of flem into his face.

She could see the anger rise up red in his face, his eyes, covered in strings of spit, narrowed. 

The quick, simple sound of knuckles smacking flesh broke the silence. 


Niamh, was face down on the floor, dazed. As she regained some of her senses, she looked up to see Jason and his friends surrounding her, looking down at her. Two boys held her down, and one, by one each of the group removed the chewing gum from their mouths and tangled it in her hair. 

Niamh kicked and screamed, but the boys holding her down were too strong for her. 

"I told you not to break my heart Niamh. We could have been so good together."

The group followed Jason back into the darkness.  

Niamh struggled to sit up, the floor beneath her looked like a bloody Rorschach test. Glass was splintered in her hand, her mouth was gushing with blood where a tooth had broken, and another had pierced her bottom lip, but worst of all for Niamh, her hair was covered in a spider web of white, rubbery gum.

She sat there, and cried. 


The End

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