Next TimeMature

A little prologue of a story I'm writing.

This world. So old. And its people so young and naïve that it's frightening. So many mistakes and not enough time to fix them all. Oh cruel world please just die and take us with you so that we may save face. All this anger and sadness and joy, I can't take it anymore! I want solace and peace. Not yelling and fighting. Blood rains down on the streets. Children die while we just turn away- a blind eye on all that is truthfully real. Painful and unjust. Life. 

Just let us go. Let us rest. Let us die. Let the younger generation take charge and right the wrongs we have wrought. If even only a little. That is more than we could ever hope for. 

Hope. A second chance to not fuck things up. A do over. Reset. Restart. But life is not a video game. Green mushrooms don't give you another life. While cheat codes is just another fancy word for suicide. Weather for strength or from weakness. The dead cannot dream or take action. So lets hope that you do something to be remembered for and not just left to rot and be forgotten. 

The End

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