D's Resolutions.

Well BrookeCacophony, this is pointless. Thanks for starting it =) I love pointless things. Which leads me to my first resolution. 

1. Pop into other people's discussions during math class with pointless interruptions such as "What's the square root of Pi again?"  Why, you ask? Because it's fun to annoy your friends. Thats the whole point. Haha. Get it? Point? Pointless? Never mind. 

2. Stop making horrible puns that aren't even funny. See above for prime example.

3. Drink more water. Mummy says it's healthy. "Ok? So?!?" It's good for you. "OK...SOOOO?!?" Just do it. "Ugh. Fine." 

4. Practice my instruments more often. 

5. Learn the New World Symphony on my flute. 

6. Train my cat to leave me alone and not drink out of the toilet. 

7. Train my cat to finish rolling over. All she does is go halfway and expects me to rub her tummy. What a sucky baby. :]

8. Train my best friend to lave me alone and not drink out of the toilet. =) Yes E, that means you. =P hahahaha.


10. OMG. Like, LOL! Ugh. See? 

The End

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