New Years Resolutions

So I have decided that i would make a little collab where you can post your crazy, weird, real, pointless, important, resolutions. I don't care what it is, from dying your hair pink or buy a house or lose 50 pounds. No matter how many or how little.  It is entirely up to you! 

So be crazy, and wild and spontaneous! 

So to start us off here is my new years resolutions ;

1) Drink at least one bottle of water everyday to keep my skin hydrated

2) Do 20 sit-ups and 20 squats every night before bed and every mourning after i wake up.

3) Hike the chief (local mountain)

4) Only go on the computer or watch tv for a maximum of 4 hours a day except on weekends. 

5) Complete all homework on time

6) try something that scares me 

7) read at least 1 hour everynight

8) Only drink half a litre of pop a week

9) only have mcdonalds for lunch 2times a month tops. (its right beside my school so i grab a fries and ice tea for lunch )

10) Complete the 10 mile run in p.e

The End

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