New Protagonists Diary 2010

We missed many of the days in the old diary.. I'm sure we will miss many here but, try to drop by and put down what is going on with you..

Well now, new year same old sh--!  I do hope that will change as the year comes into play.  I have many things I would like to change and I am sure not one will happen.. well maybe one.  We lost many public figures last year and that is sad but, the ones that weren't public were sadder still.  So many children and families, so many murder suicides, will 2010 be any better?

As for me, last year I managed to totally run off someone I love dearly (hoorah), my pacer was replaced, I lost my Aunt to pancreatic cancer, found out I had gout.. and hurt like hell for the last half of the year.. So 2010 what do you have in store?  Maybe this year without pain and suffering, I will be able to focus my mind on school, on my Dandelions, on learning to be patient..  Heck we better enjoy this year and the next cause, according to the Maya, 12/21/2012 is it!

The End

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