Never Know

They might think that I am strange

Why should I try to change?

Are you afraid 'cause I'm unknown

That I prefer to be alone

/ I try to talk out loud sometimes

Makes no sense, even if it rhymes

The right words are hard to find

So I can never speak my mind

These thoughts are hard to phrase

They haunt me every single day

/ This wasn't meant to be a sad song

But how else can I describe

What I've been like all along

The feelings locked up inside

/ So here it is now, can you see into my soul

It's complicated, naturally

I am so tired, I just want to lose control

How can I explain these parts of me

That you will never know?

/ Lying awake every night

Thinking of what's wrong

Hate to be in the spotlight

To be noticed for too long

/ Can you tell me what is right?

I don't seem to fit the mould

I guess I'll let you decide

I need some clarity to hold

I may be all alone

But I'm not the only one

/ People like me are not the same

How easily we forget

A person, faces and their names

Do we deserve all that we get?

/ I don't see how I will ever know what's real

Without a sense of passing time

Do I even have a soul for them to steal?

How can I explain this heart of mine

The emotions that I feel?

/ There's no need for you to cry today

There's no-one like you to be found

Butterfly you should fly away

'Cause they don't want you around

Heartbeats are numbered, so they say

Can you hear the constant sound?


/ Fragile and vibrant is how we'll always be

Stars veiled by darkness, but still remaining free

There's someone out there somewhere, somebody just like me

And we'll try to live forever, hoping someday that they'll see

/ Out of the corner, silently I'll go

No matter what, my tears will never show

Because they will never know

Never know



The End

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