" Never Enough"

Inadequate is merely the beginning of this story... I die from within, wanting only my images to never follow me.  Cornered in this state of euphoria, yet coming undone by the seams, never enough... I walk these miles to no destination, no where to call home, only the figments of my imagination controls the very essence of who I am, dying.... I am never the man that I claim, I am never the son that was proud, I am never the soul that breathes in that dawning air, only to seek shelter among the rain... Who am i to say that I am your love, who am i to say that the pain will never subside, the pain will never subside, never enough.... Color me shade of grey, letting the very detail of my heart shatter to pieces, broken I am, no longer releasing my sense of anger, rather falling deeper into that hole i call home.... Why am I the ghost among others, always haunted by the present forms of life?  I felt the rain rapture me within her arms, so cold, so frigid, only thing that covers my tears....  See these dark eyes that cry out for solitude, cries out and say never enough.....

The End

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