Camilla KnightMature


Name: Joanie Camilla Knight
Alias: Cam, Cammy, The Star of morning(Jewish)

Born: Febuary 13th 1963
Age: 69 (Real) Mid 20 (appears)
Occupation: Wizard
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Sex: Female
Orientation: Lesbian, In a relationship with Nova

Archetype: Awakened Mage - Ceremonial mage
Powers: Magick, 5 second precog, astral sight. Expert summoner
Weaknesses: Backlash, Pacted; bound by limitations from her summoned Aeons. 

---Mental traits---

Personality: Motherly, Independent, Impulsive.
Likes: Nova, Leather, Gothic culture, sport cars.
Dislikes: Bright colors, Chauvinism, The New world order.
Character flaws: Impulsive and reckless.

---Physical description---

Hair: Naturally brown but tinted black.
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'5''
Notable traits: Gothic look


 Born to a very conservative family in Iowa, the young girl who would become Camilla reveled in every opportunity to oppose her parent's will. First began a passive revolution with Gothic clothes, then came tattoos and finally she turned Pagan.

After joining a coven of would-be witches, her powers began rising up and she finally awakened when she summoned a daemon. Although all the other girls ran, she was fascinated with it. With the conjured angel, she made a pact to bring justice to the wicked.

Shortly there after, She was discovered by Nova who recruited the still teen Cam to her side, making her parents believe she had joined a new private school with the use of magick.

After a few years passed, the now adult Camilla admitted her crush to her teacher and best friend, the two have been an item ever since.


-Ezekiel book one (First)
-Lost in Gray

The End

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