Ezekiel BlackMature


Name: Ezekiel Julius Black
Alias: Zeke, Sanguis Corvus.

Born: November 2nd 1985
Age: 27 (as of Book one)
Occupation: Demon hunter. Ex-Office worker.
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Sex: Male
Orientation: Strait

Archetype: Awakened Mage
Powers: Magick, incredible direction sense, Astral sight.
Weaknesses: Backlash

---Mental traits---

Personality: Determinate, passionate, caring and noble.
Likes: Coffee, cats, food.
Dislikes: Injustice, screwing up.
Character flaws: Sarcastic, over-confident, stubborn

---Physical description---

Hair: Curly, Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'0''
Notable traits: Void


 As a kid, Zeke lived in an unusual fashion, living on the road with his parents. His father, an ex-military survivalist was obsessed with conspiracies and moved around to keep his son safe.

After his father's death in a police shoot out, he and his mother settled down and became regular people. After high school, Zeke began working at a data entry job along with his friend William.

This changed when his friend, after an accident, was ghoulified and tried to kill him. On the run from an unknown organisation, he joined with Camilla Knight and Nova to take down the ghoul responsible for his best friend's death.

Although an awakened, he is only a fledgling mage. Unable to cast anything substantial, which doesn't stop him from fighting the good fight.


-Ezekiel Book one (First)
-Lost in Gray (Not named)

The End

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