059- Stormulus

Height: 0.7m                                             Weight: 3.4kg

Type: Electric/Flying                          Species: Stormy Pokemon

Stormulus evolves from Shokloud at level 38

Stormulus is a large grey cloud pokemon. It is not very fluffy or bouncy and always looks unhappy as it floats the skies. Stormulus has arms, unlike Shokloud, that are made of cloud and are quite useless. Its legs are shaped like Lightning bolts and are the source of all of Stormulus' power. It has a tiny mouth but giant cheeks in which it stores the gushing winds. Stormulus have large angel wings located in their back, rather than the side like Shokloud. Stormulus are responsible for what Castform will change in to, as they can release hail, rain or thunder.  

After evolving from Shokloud, Stormulus can learn Hail, Rain Dance, Ominous Wind, Shock Wave, Double Team, Light Screen, Thunderbolt, Mist and Sky Attack. Its ability is Static or Cloud Nine.

The End

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