058- Shokloud

Height: 0.4m                                             Weight: 1.5kg

Type: Electric/Flying                          Species: Stormy Pokemon

Shokloud evolves into Stormulus at level 38

Shokloud is a white cloud pokemon with single black dots for eyes. It is wider than it is taller and has thin yellow legs that dangle in the breeze. The bottom of the cloud, closest to the legs is shaded grey, refering to every cloud's silver lining. Shokloud have no arms but small wings on their backs. Their body is soft as cotton and is so springy that small pokemon can bounce on it, though electicution is likely. On its head is a dark grey plummage shaped like another cloud   

Shokloud's learnset includes Gust, Whirlwind, Defog, Spark, Thunder Wave, Weather Ball and ThunderShock. Its ability is Static or Cloud Nine.

The End

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