057- Revengine

Height: 1.6m                                                Weight: 105.3kg

Type: Steel/Electric                                 Species: Killer Robot Pokemon

Revengine evolves from Garboto at level 45. It is the final form of Trashine

Revengine is a tall robot-like pokemon that travels on tank-like wheels. Its silver body shape is much like the Mario Kart DS character ROB and Registeel but its headshape is much different. The two stalks of Garboto have formed together to create binocular like eyes on a thick pole. The thing that seperates Revengine from its pre-evolutions is that nothing is damaged or broken and has equiped weapons on its arms and back. Revengine are murderous pokemon that hunt down humans to get their revenge. If an Officer comes across a Revengine, it is their sworn duty to capture it. 

After evolving from Garboto, Revengine can learn Wild Charge, Discharge, Mirror Shot, Superpower, Zap Cannon, Hammer Arm, Thunder and Zap Cannon. Its ability is Static or Analytical

The End

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