056- Garboto

Height: 0.7m                                                 Weight: 23.8kg

Type: Steel/Electric                                    Species: Broken Pokemon

Garboto evolves from Trashine at level 25, then into Revengine at level 45

Garboto is Trashine compiled with other lost and forgotten inventions. It has the two stalks of a Trashine but they are fixed and useable. Its body is like a robots and made up of mishapen metal blocks. Unlike Trashine, Garboto has arms and wheels to help mobility. The arms come from some sort of robot and are badly damaged, whereas its wheels are from a broken bike. They are egg shaped and the spokes are bent or missing. The wheels are facing foreward and tilted in a triangle shape and also guarded by a shield like object. Garboto don't fear humans but don't go out of their way to meet them. 

After evolving from Trashine, Garboto can learn Super Sonic, Electro Ball, Thunderbolt, Magnet Bomb, Metal Claw and Bullet Punch. Its ability is Static or Analytical

The End

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