055- Trashine

Height: 0.4m                                                 Weight: 10.5kg

Type: Steel/Electric                                    Species: Broken Pokemon

Trashine evolves into Garboto at level 25, and then into Revengine at level 45

Trashine resembles a standard pokeball. However, this pokeball is badly injured. The hinges are broken so the top and the bottom don't fit together and it has several cracks and holes in it. The factor that makes this a pokemon is the two metal stalks with eyes growing out of the top. One stalk is snapped in half and the other stalk's eye is missing. Trashine is an abandoned pokemon that over time joined its pokeball and became a pokeball pokemon. Because of this, they are very wary of humans. They think that trainers are hurtful and avoid them at all costs.

Trashine's learnset includes Tackle, Metal Sound, SonicBoom, Spark and ThunderShock. Its ability is Static or Analytical.  

The End

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