054- Fluffear

Height: 0.5m                                              Weight: 0.7kg

Type: Ghost                                                 Species: Cuddly Ghost Pokemon

Fluffear evolves from Spookute at level 26

Fluffear is a very dark navy ghost pokemon. It has stubby purple arms and legs but unlike Spookute, it can touch its own arms and legs. It is incredibly furry; whereas Spookute was a round ball, Fluffear is just a mess of wild fur with a set of eyes at the top. When they open their mouth, you can see four sharp teeth that have no purpose at all because Fluffear don't like to attack physically. Fluffear want to be scary like other ghost pokemon but their appearance and scary tactics are comical and unscary.  

After evolving from Spookute, Fluffear can learn Screech, Confuse Ray, Lick, Self Destruct, Haze, SmokeScreen and Shadow Ball. Its ability is Levitate.

The End

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