053- Spookute

Height: 0.3m                                              Weight: 0.2kg

Type: Ghost                                                 Species: Baby Ghost Pokemon

Spookute evolves into Fluffear at level 26

Spookute is a navy blue ghost pokemon. It is shaped like a cotton ball and and fat, stubby lilac legs growing out from the the ball itself, not the border. The limbs are so small that they cannot reach one another, even though each hands a three stubby claws and each foot has four. They have very large eyes and two small fangs just below them. It lives in dark areas trying to scare people but their cute looks and high-pitched groan often results in failure. Trainers find them more cute than scary, but that doesn't stop them trying 

Spookute's learnset includes Astonish, Growl, Shadow Sneak, Psywave and Attract. Its ability is Levitate.

The End

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