052- Wartusk

Height: 1.1m                                                       Weight: 150.4kg

Type: Ground/Rock                                         Species: Muddy Pokemon

Wartusk evolves from Hoground at level 43

Wartusk is a dark brown warthog pokemon. It is very fat and spends its days lying in thick mud. The tusks inherited from its pre-evolution have become giant and pearly white. They stretch out and then curl inwards above the eye. Compared to their heavy body mass, Wartusk have very skinny legs but with sharp, spade like hooves used for digging. They do not have curly tails like Hoground but have whip like tails used to keep deadly bugs away. It is said that they are not brown but they are just coloured that because they spend so much time in the mud.

After evolving from Hoground, Wartusk can learn Rock Tomb, Earthquake, Roll Out, Heavy Slam, Chip Away and Rock Wrecker. Its ability is Rock Head or Reckless. 

The End

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