051- Hoground

Height: 0.5m                                         Weight: 30.6kg

Type: Ground                                        Species: Muddy Pokemon

Hoground evolves into Wartusk at level 43

Hoground is a small, round piglet pokemon. It is a sandy colour mainly but is almost always covered in thick brown mud to keep cool. It has a small piglet nose and two tiny tusks on either side of its mouth. They have little brown hooves that are developed to prevent Hoground from sinking in the mud. Hoground also have a thick, curly tail which acts as a mud catapult to keep Hoground cool. They live in hot areas and cannot sweat so use the mud to keep them cool. Young Hoground use the mud as a play thing, to practice their attacks.   

Hoground's learnset includes Headbutt, Leer, Mud Sport, Sunny Day, Take Down, Stomp and Rock Blast. Its ability is Rock Head or Reckless.

The End

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