050- Quilver

Height: 0.6m                                              Weight: 50.8kg

Type: Poison/Steel                                   Species: Spiky Pokemon

Quilver evolves from Toxipine at level 38

Quilver is a porcupine pokemon protected by steel quils. Unlike its pre-evolution you can see its brown legs and feet, which upon evolution have grown sharp claws. Its face is the same shade as its legs and covers more area than its pre-evolution. Quilver's spikes are shiny silver and cover all of its body except the legs and face. They lie flat but stand erect when appropriate. Quilver also has a flat tail covered in spikes that drags along the floor. Quilver are aggressive when approached by a stranger

No other pokemon has the same type combination as Quilver

After evolving from Toxipine, Quilver can learn Iron Tail, Fury Swipes, Acid Armor, Metal Claw, Poison Tail, Heavy Slam, Destiny Bond and Poison Jab.  Its ability is Aftermath or Poison Point.

The End

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