048- Saginfect

Height: 1.3m                                                Weight: 20.8kg

Type: Bug/Poison                                      Species: Parasite Pokemon

Saginfect evolves from Paraslime level 24

Saginfect is a white cream coloured tapeworm like pokemon. It has a vile face with a long slit for a mouth, two tusks and numerous sharp teeth on show. It has long whiskers like Paraslime and also whisker like appendiges sprouting of its eyebrows. Its purple string-like arms are longer than its body and much more flexible to. Saginfect is a lot more bulkier than Paraslime and has two purple spikes sprouting off of its stubby tail.

After evolving from Paraslime, Saginfect can learn Bite, PoisonPowder, Poison Fang, Venoshock, Struggle Bug, Toxic Spikes and Crunch. It has only one ability which is Infection. As soon as Paraslime makes contact with the opposing pokemon, every turn Paraslime steals 1/16 on its orignal health.

The End

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