047- Paraslime

Height: 0.5m                                                Weight: 9.5kg

Type: Bug/Poison                                      Species: Parasite Pokemon

Paraslime evolves into Saginfect at level 24

Paraslime is a thin, string-like pokemon. It is eggshell is colouration but its whiskers and six fingers are dark purple. The whiskers end with a curl and reach down to the chest. Its arms are floppy and stretchy. Its stubby tail is the fattest part of its body and ends with a silver spike. Paraslime have tiny mouths with hundreds of tiny needles for teeth and very small eyes that are rarely open. Its body has faint rings.

Paraslime's learnset includes Poison Sting, Growl, Bug Bite, Leech Life and Stun Spore. It has only one ability which is Infection. As soon as Paraslime makes contact with the opposing pokemon, every turn Paraslime steals 1/16 on its orignal health)

The End

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