046- Wormega

Height: 4.3m                                                 Weight: 265.3kg

Type: Bug/Ground                                      Species: Megaworm Pokemon

Wormega evolves from Burroworm at level 38. It is the final form of Wormud

Wormega is a giant earthworm pokemon that is a light grey in coloration. It has multiple rings around its body to make the tunnels it digs easier to reuse. It has a short snout compared to its pre-evolutions but a giant mouth which can even inhale soil and earth. It has two horns on its head, one small one on its snout, and a total of 7 along its back. The two head horns sit a top a metal helmet like armory. Its incredibly long body ends with a wrecking ball like instrument that it used for both tunnel digging and mating rituals.

After evolving from Burroworm, Wormega can learn Megahorn, Bulldoze, Earth Quake, Rock Slide, Magnitude, Sand Tomb, Hidden Power and Stone Edge. Its ability is  Rock Head or Arena Trap.

The End

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