045- Burroworm

Height: 1.8m                                                 Weight: 56.8kg

Type: Bug/Ground                                      Species: Earthworm Pokemon

Burroworm evolves from Wormud at level 19, and into Wormega at level 38

Burroworm is a bigger version of Wormud but is coloured a darker skin peach. Instead of a snout covering the mouth, the snout is the mouth and helps Burroworm devour piles of earth each second. Burroworm has a large rock spike on its head and three along its body. Instead of a spade, Burroworm has a large steel shovel on its tail. Burroworm live underground but are known to rise in order to attack unwelcome visitors

After evolving from Wormud, Burroworm can learn Mud Sport, Rock Throw, Struggle Bug, Rollout, Spikes and Iron Tail. Its ability is Swarm or Arena Trap.

The End

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