044- Wormud

Height: 0.4m                                                 Weight: 8.5kg

Type: Bug/Ground                                      Species: Earthworm Pokemon

Wormud evolves into Burroworm at level 19, and then into Wormega at level 38

Wormud is a fat peachy skin coloured worm-like pokemon. It has a floppy snout set under its small eyes. The snout covers its disproportionally large mouth that has no teeth. Wormud have no arms or legs and travel only be digging underground. They are never found above ground unless dug out by accident. Wormud are skilled diggers because they can eat soil but also have a steel spade like appendage on their tail.  

Wormud's learnset includes Dig, String Shot, Headbutt, Bug Bite and Sand Attack. Its ability is Swarm or Arena Trap.

The End

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