042- Charcock

Height: 0.8m                                              Weight: 36.8kg

Type: Fire/Flying                                      Species: Pheonix Pokemon

Charcock evolves from Embird at level 22, and then into Draycock at level 44

Charcoak is a clever bird pokemon that resembles a peacock. It is orange in colouration except for a golden beak and talons and red on the crest, wings and tails. They have several tails, each one long and curly at the end. Each tail is individual but as a sign of aggressive or for protection, Charcoak squish them together to form the pattern of a scary face which black and red eyes and golden sharp teeth. When fluttered, hot ash floats out causing coughing and weezing. This pokemon is often seen soaring the twilight sky crying out in joy. Charcock are often kept as courtyard pets but are very aggressive

After evolving from Embird, Charcock can learn Wing Attack, Flame Wheel, Air Cutter, Smokescreen, Aerial Ace and Flamethrower. Its ability is Speed Boost or Inner Focus.

The End

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