040- Aquamel

Height: 2.0m                                                  Weight: 90.4kg

Type: Water                                                     Species: Storage Pokemon

Aquamel evolves from Hydromed at level 36

Aquamel is a dark brown pokemon that resembles a Bactrian camel. Its body has wavy fur but its two large humps are completely naked. It has large camel-like feet to walk on the sand; they are also webbed to aid in swimming. Their body is awkwardly shaped like a tap system, especially its neck and tail which both resemble pipes and can produce gallons of water. Aquamel are sought in the deserts for their bottomless stores of water in their two humps. Unlike Hydromed you cannot ride Aquamel without squashing its humps and making it let out its water supply.

After evolving from Hydromed, Aquamel can learn Water Sport, Whirlpool, Protect, Double Kick, Aqua Ring, Rest, Muddy Water and Hydro Pump. It only has one ability which is Water Store. This allows Hydromed to power up all water type moves when it rains or is hit by a water-type move.

The End

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