039- Hydromed

Height: 1.3m                                                  Weight: 54.6kg

Type: Water                                                   Species: Storage Pokemon

Hydromed evolves into Aquamel at level 36

Hydromed is a light brown camel pokemon found in the desert. It has one big hump that is completely bald and shaped like a water balloon. Hydromed have big mouths and a long thin tail which is shaped with a long raindrop. A trainer could suckle the tail for water if they are dehydrated. tend to look sad because of their droppy eyes. They have long, skinny legs with big hooves adapted to walking on sandy terrain. Hydromed are famous for storing water and then releasing it in a powerful attack. They are grumpy and dangerous when awoken from a rare sleep.

Hydromed's learnset includes Tackle, Withdraw, Rain Dance, Focus Energy, Water Gun and Scald. It only has one ability which is Water Store. This allows Hydromed to power up all water type moves when it rains or is hit by a water-type move.

The End

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