038- Pegasaur

Height: 1.6m                                                           Weight: 64.5kg

Type: Psychic/Flying                                         Species: Pure Pokemon

Pegasaur evolves from Beautihorn at level 35

Pegasaur is a pearly white horse with pink definition on the back of its four legs. Unlike Beautihorn, Pegasaur can fly with its new giant white wings that resemble those of a mythological angel. When they fly a rare feather will fall off, if you catch it before it reaches the ground then you will live a long and happy life. It has a unicorn like horn only twice as big as Beautihorn's. Its hooves are shiny black and are strong enough to break down walls. It has a mane like its pre-evolution but males also have a curly goatie. Pegasaur are so rare that only people pure of heart have a chance to meet one

After evolving from Beautihorn, Pegasaur can learn Acrobatics, Take Down, Poison Jab, Silver Wind, Steel Wing, Ominous Wind and Dream Eater. Its ability is Aftermath or Natural Cure.

The End

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