037- Beautihorn

Height: 0.6m                                                      Weight: 30.6kg

Type: Psychic                                                     Species: Unicorn Pokemon

Beautihorn evolves into Pegasaur at level 35

Beautihorn is a pearl white horse pokemon with a mane of flowing treshes. Males have aqua blue manes and females have rose pink manes. Beautihorn's most notable feature is the lilac coloured horn on their heads, this is the source of all their magic and power. They also has long horse tails that are the same colour as the mane. They have shiny black hooves that sparkle when Beautihorn gallops. Beautihorn are so beautifil and so majestic that they are sought out by poachers despite the curse that anyone who arms a Beautihorn will be forever plagued to misery. The blood of a Beautihorn is the only known cure for every disease in the world because it is so true and pure.

Beautihorn's learnset includes Tackle, Agility, Tail Whip, Hypnosis, Psychic and Confusion. Its ability is Aftermath or Natural Cure.

The End

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