036- Tropicaw

Height: 0.9m                                                      Weight: 24.5kg

Type: Grass/Flying                                          Species: Songbird Pokemon

Tropicaw evolves from Chirpical at level 30

Tropicaw is a large green and macaw like pokemon with two yellow stripes on its front and back. It has a bulky grey beak that is tipped with black. This beak comes in handy for opening nuts off the rainforest. Tropicaw have long wings with about three rows of feathers on the inside and one row of long feathers on the back. They are famed for being rainforest birds and thus drop seeds when they fly and carry around the aroma of tropical plants. They have a necklace of green seeds and males have a crest of leaves on their head.

After evolving from Chirpical, Tropicaw can learn Pluck, Take Down, Nature Power, Sweet Scent, Hyper Voice, Aerial Ace and Solar Beam. Its ability is Leaf Guard or Early Bird.

The End

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