035- Chirpical

Height: 0.4m                                                      Weight: 4.6kg

Type: Grass/Flying                                           Species: Songbird Pokemon

Chirpical evolves into Tropicaw at level 30

Chirpical is a small round orange pokemon. It resembles a melon with two leaves for wings. The wings are green and attached to the body with two brazilian nut like objects. It has a yellow beak in the middle of its body and two beady eyes. It has no visible legs but just yellow feet attached to the bottom of the body. It has three tail feathers, all of them are some sort of tropical leaf. Because it is so fat and its wings are so small it can not fly for long distances.  

Chirpical's learnset includes Peck, Sing, Magical Leaf, Cotton Guard, Fury Attack, Sleep Powder and Roost. Its ability is Leaf Guard or Early Bird.

The End

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