033- Snowdolph

Height: 1.0m                                          Weight: 33.5kg

Type: Ice                                                   Species: Reindeer Pokemon

Snowdolph evolves from Damarctic at level 25, and into Caribrisk at level 45

Snowdolph looks like a larger version of Damarctic with spiky antlers. Snowdolph is actually different because it is also snow white in winter and autumn and a light brown in spring and summer. Snowdolph's antlers and made of crystals and have three stalks coming off each with two prongs. Whilst Damarctic was plain, Snowdolph has a necklace of crystal blue spots on its neck and a collection on its rear. The latter surround the soft and stubby tail. Snowdolph are famous for giving lifts to travellers lost in the snow

After evolving from Damarctic, Snowdolph can learn Icicle Spear, Silver Wind, Frost Breath, Megahorn, Double Kick and Ice Beam. Its ability is Ice Body or Snow Cloak

The End

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