032- Damarctic

Height: 0.4m                                          Weight: 13.5kg

Type: Ice                                                   Species: Baby Deer Pokemon

Damarctic evolves into Snowdolph at level 25, and then into Caribrisk at level 45

 Damarctic is a small brown deer pokemon. On its head are two little stumps, Damarctic's antlers. These are so small that they cannot be used for attack. Its body is brown but its legs are white and it has a white plummage on its chest. It has a little tail, similar to that of Deerling but is soft like cotton on the white underside. Amazingly, Damarctic has the ability to fly for short spaces of time by jumping. When it flies its hooves glow a crystal blue and it can gallop on the winter winds. This will only happen in winter.

Damarctic's learnset includes Tackle, Growl, Sand Attack, Icy Wind, Quick Attack and Hail. Its ability is Ice Body or Snow Cloak. 

The End

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