031- Longruff

Height: 4.0m                                           Weight: 21.6kg

Type: Normal                                          Species: Sausage Dog Pokemon

Longruff is not known to evolve into or from any other pokemon

Longruff is a very long and brown, dachshund like pokemon. Its ears are tipped with one bottom balls and it has a large perm like haistyle sat in between the two ears. It has wiry fur, especially on the chest and mouth area. Despite being 4m long, Longruff only has four stubby legs, much like a normal dog. It has two at the front and two at the end, leaving a four metre gap in between which is like a coil. If two people were to push head and tail together then Longruff would shoot off like a spring. Because of this, moving and running is found difficult to them but humourous to trainers. Longruff's are often raced as a comical sport. Longruff have a tail with a cotton ball pompom attached, like their ears. Longruff are incredibly brave and aggressive and love to fight.

Longruff's learnset includes Tackle, Growl, Roar, Bite, Coil, Howl, Take Down, Crunch, Wrap, Dig and Last Resort. Its ability is Scrappy or Infiltrator.   

The End

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