030- Illuminite

Height: 0.8m                                            Weight: 20.5kg

Type: Electric/Flying                             Species: Guiding Star Pokemon

Illuminite is not known to evolve into or from any other pokemon

Illuminate is a golden yellow starshaped pokemon with golden butterfly-like wings. The points of the star are Illuminite's head, arms and legs; the latter two being stubby and rounded at the edges. Up close, Illuminite appears to be wearing a clear, wispy tuxedo like outfit, complete with shirt and waistcoat. The outfit has wispery tassles attached that flutter elegantly when Illuminite flies. Illuminite are famed for helping lost travellers at night. Using their glowing they can be detected at night from miles away and all trainers know that an Illuminite is always located in safety

Illuminite's learnset includes Flash, Charge Beam, Acrobatics, Quick Attack, Spark, Helping Hand, U-Turn, Attract, Thunderbolt and Thunder. Its ability is Illuminate or Static.  

The End

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