029- Mammaglace

Height: 2.6m                                       Weight: 325.0kg

Type: Rock/Ice                                  Species: Ancient Mammoth Pokemon

Mammaglace evolves from Rhisnow at level 42 after it is resurrected from Frozen Fur

Mammaglace is a giant wooly mammoth pokemon. Like its pre-evolution, Mammaglace has brown shaggy fur to keep it protected from the cold. The most notable feature of Mammaglace's is the trunk that reaches to Mammaglace's chest and two ice tusks. Its trunk has no fur but is covered with hard rock and its nostrils are surrounded by almost steel-like rock. The two tusks are over a metre long but can shatter and even melt at an extremely high temperature. Mammaglace often don't stampede but rather bulldoze enemies out of the way.

No other pokemon has the same type combination as Mammaglace and its evolutionary family.

After evolving from Rhisnow, Mammaglace can learn Ice Fang, Ancient Power, Hail, Magnitude, Stomp, Megahorn and Rock Wrecker. Its ability is Rock Head and Snow Cloak.

The End

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