028- Rhisnow

Height: 1.1m                                        Weight: 110.5kg

Type: Rock/Ice                                  Species: Ancient Rhino Pokemon

Rhisnow is resurrected from Frozen Fur, and evolves into Mammaglace at level 24

Rhisnow is a brown wooly rhinoceros pokemon. Its fur is brown but its body is a dark grey as seen on its three-toed feet and face. It has two horns on its long face with the one closest to its eyes being the hairiest and the smallest. Rhisnow have tails with tips frozen from the ice, thus making a maceball like weapon. Unlike a prehistoric wooly rhino, Rhisnow have ears located not on their heads but at the sides, like Mammoths. These ears are bare except for the backs which are covered with the thick fur. Rhisnow are aggressive pokemon that stampede and attack at will, if one Rhisnow stampedes, then the entire herd joins in.

No other pokemon has the same type combination as Rhisnow and its evolutionary family.

Rhisnow's learnset includes Horn Attack, Powder Snow, Rock Tomb, Bulldoze, Rock Blast, Blizzard, Earthquake and Take Down. Its ability is Rock Head and Snow Cloak.

The End

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