027- Nessidos

Height: 2.4m                                              Weight: 130.5kg

Type: Water/Rock                                  Species: Sea Serpent Fossil Pokemon

Nessidos evolves from Itchyodon at level 42, after it is resurrected from a Fin Fossil.

Nessidos resembles a giant sea serpent covered with rocks. It has a long elegant neck and long but fat limbs with flippers on the end. While is is primaraly light blue, its body is covered with large brown rocks that are all jagged and sharp. These rocks are on Nessidos' back, flippers, head and along its neck and stubby tail. Nessidos' bottom jaw is the only part of its body that isn't blue, its shaded a light sienna brown. Legend has it, one of Neoky's deepest lakes is inhabited by a Nessidos several times bigger than normal. This fable has attracted much attention and made the area famous

After evolving from an Itchyodon, Nessidos can learn Brine, AncientPower, Dragon Breath, Rock Slide, Rain Dance and Hydro Pump. Its ability is Swift Swim or Water Absorb.

The End

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