026- Itchyodon

Height: 0.7m                                                  Weight: 44.6kg

Type: Water/Rock                                       Species: Fish Fossil Pokemon

Itchyodon is resurrected from a Fin Fossil, and evolves into Nessidos at level 42

Itchyodon is a blue and brown fish pokemon similar in body size to Dolphun. Itchyodon have a blue underbelly but their entire back, beak and tail fin are made of sturdy rock used to protect themselves from prehistoric pokemon. They have a long, thin beak with a rock spike at the end, this is used as a powerful weapon. Its fins are long with oblong shaped paddles at the end when the fin bones are located. These are the bones used to resurrect Itchyodon from a fossil. Its tail fin is like Dolphun's only a lot wider and the two sections can move independently.

Itchyodon's moveset includes Bide, Leer, Water Gun, Double Team, Bubblebeam, Mud Sport and Aqua Jet. Its ability is Swift Swim or Solid Rock.  

The End

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