025- Molecruel

Height: 1.0m                                               Weight: 2.4kg

Type: Poison                                               Species: Atomic Pokemon

Molecruel evolves from Atomini at level 24

Molecruel are floating egg shaped pokemon that can be either red or blue. The red Molecruel are positively charged whilst the blue are negatively charged. Two of the same type repel one another and two different Molecruel can join together in battle to boost their power. Molecruel like their pre-evolution have ring obiting them, but all Molecruel have four rings each with a ball on coloured like its host Molecruel. Molecruel also has purple arms that are made a radiated rays coming off of Molecruel. These hands can stretch very far but loose their power the further they stretch.

After evolving from Atomini, Molecruel can learn Rollout, Sonic Boom, Acid, Sludge Wave, Spite, Venoshock and Explosion. Its ability is Levitate or Ionisation (increases all stats if the pokemon makes contact with a pokemon of the same species)

The End

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