024- Atomini

Height: 0.1m                                               Weight: 0.9kg

Type: Poison                                               Species: Atomic Pokemon

Atomini evolves into Molecruel at level 24

Atomini is a tiny red and blue pokemon made of of tiny balls compact together like a raspberry. Atomini can be made of 4, 8 or 16 seperate balls and is surrounded by thin green rings that always orbit Atomini. The amount of rings an Atomini has is half of the number of balls. Atomini have two small eyes that are black with small white irisis and no arms of legs. Their only means of travelling is hovering and colliding into other Atomini to bounce off

Atomini's learnset includes Poison Gas, Acid Spray, Sludge, Curse and Self Destruct. Its ability is Levitate or Ionisation (increases all stats if the pokemon makes contact with a pokemon of the same species)

The End

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