023- Forestall

Height: 1.8m                                            Weight: 94.5kg

Type: Grass                                                Species: Grass Horse Pokemon

Forestall evolves from Horshroom at level 37

 Forestallion is a tall and proud dark brown horse pokemon. It has a mane and tail made entirely out of pine leaves and green foliage all up its four legs. Forestall also have a mask of ivy that somewhat resembles a racing horse mask. They have a unicorn-like horn on their head that grows ivy as Forestall ages. When Forestall die the ivy dissolves taking the horn with it. They can run incredibly fast and make the air smell of beautiful flowers when it runs along. It is usually very curious but wary of new people and can turn nasty when provoked.

After evolving from Horshroom, Forestall can learn Quick Attack, Nature Power, Rage, Aromatherapy, Take Down, Megahorn and Giga Impact. Its ability is Chlorophyll or Run Away.

The End

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