022- Horshroom

Height: 0.9m                                            Weight: 25.5kg

Type: Grass                                                Species: Grass Pony Pokemon

Horshroom evolves into Forestall at level 37

Horshroom is a hazel pony pokemon with a mane of hedge trimmings and a tail made of a bouquet of roses. Its legs are also spotted with small daisy-like flowers and has shiny black hooves that allow Horshroom to run at high speeds. Horshroom's neck is decorated with six spiky thorns that somewhat form a necklace. When Horshroom is running its glorious grass mane often looses spare leaves but new ones grow it their place. Horshroom are sought out for their speed and agility in contests

Horshroom's learnset includes Tackle, Sweet Scent, Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Stomp, Stun Spore and Jump Kick. Its ability is Chlorophyll or Run Away

The End

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